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06 June

God and Gays: Helpful Material for Pride Month

Rev. Susan Russell (@revsusanrussell) has posted her annual update to “Frequently Asked Questions About God, Jesus, the Bible and Gay People” on Huffington Post. In it, she addresses whether being gay is a sin, what Jesus had to say about the matter and how to respond to politicians who condemn homosexuality by citing the Bible. It’s all solid, straight-forward advice, great talking points from the Episcopal priest from All Saints Church in Pasadena. Her pithy closing:

Should I try to “pray away the gay”?
No. If you need to pray away something, pray away homophobia. Homosexuality doesn’t need healing. Homophobia does.

Read the whole thing.

Evangelical preacher Rev. Mel White (@melwhite) of SoulForce put together a much longer take on these questions–“What the Bible Says–and Doesn’t Say–About Homosexuality”–several years ago. It includes a very useful discussion about how to think about the topic and then dissects the Scripture passages commonly cited in opposition to homosexuality. It’s long, but useful.

This is by no means new, but this clip of Mel White debating Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council on Anderson Cooper 360 still feels timely: