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23 May

About is managed by–big surprise here–Shawn Neidorf. It is a site dedicated to the progressive faith community. You’ll find Shawn’s blog posts here, as well as Q&As with liberal faith leaders and references to sermons, public testimony, op-eds and essays from the progressive faith community.

Issues you can expect to see pop up on these pages:

  • LGBT equality
  • Poverty and inequality 
  • Gun violence and gun policy
  • Crime and the criminal justice system, including capital punishment
  • Health care
  • The environment
  • War and foreign relations.

Shawn Neidorf is a research, communications and strategy consultant, offering her services to non-profits, advocacy groups, associations and candidates. Shawn has been a journalist and a pollster, and she has a doctorate in sociology. For more about Shawn and her work, see Raised Catholic, Shawn is now a member of the United Church of Christ.

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2 Responses to “About”

  1. Mel White says:

    Thanks, Shawn, for including my booklet (and the tv debate) on Susan’s piece. You do good work and a lot of us are grateful. We just don’t spend enough time saying it.

  2. Jim Henkelman-Bahn says:

    I am delighted to be introduced to your blog. I’ve sampled a few of the entries. You’ve got my attention.

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