Covering the Progressive Faith Community

31 May

What this is about…

This site has been created to highlight and uplift the progressive religious voice in American politics and public-policy debate.

As a liberal Christian, I often have been frustrated by the media’s tendency to equate “religious” with “conservative.” I don’t deny the existence of religious conservatives–I know they exist. But I know that progressive people of faith exist, too.

Too often I see representatives of the religious right called upon to debate the issues of the day on television–as the sole faith voice, pitted against ┬árepresentatives of the secular left, as though those were the only two sides with anything to say about values, culture or policy. To the extent that the press covers progressive (or even moderate) religious views, it tends to be on the media fringes. We get on the faith page, not the front page.

I’d like that to change, and toward that end, I will help bring attention to progressive faith voices by pointing to the good coverage they DO get. I also will feature Q&As with progressive faith leaders–broadly defined–and with those who study liberal faith movements in this country. Stay tuned!


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